Car Bei JC big discount value return experience


Location: Jincheng
Address: West Zhongshan Road West
Consumption: 8

I just tried the fancy a few days ago, the technician is quite beautiful, but the service is general, the fancy Thai can't open, the minister recommended 168 to say that the body is full of good service, decisive appointment 12 nods, 12 points already a lot of LY Because of the preferential price on the last day of the day, the American style 268, 20 began to open the meal at the original price of 388.12 points, simply supplement the nutrition, the buffet is OK, there are shrimps and crabs, and the clock is on time at 12:30, and the technician is really explosive, and looks good. Very warm, first hug, then a little dance, the process details later, in short, the experience of the fancy is not like the same field, really like, although there is no DL and KB, but FJ and FJ still have It’s a world apart, then massage, then ask if it’s a blessing, but unfortunately it’s not enough time to ship, forget it, and don’t have to fight. Paying 280, I feel like a cool word, I generally do not like to relive the old dream, but next time do you want to continue the front?