How to drive a car is not good.


With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more cars have begun to enter thousands of households, so more and more people are beginning to test their driver's licenses, but many people have passed the hardships and passed the driver's license, but still dare not dare Driving on the road, especially some female drivers, usually love to be called "road killer." Therefore, the more afraid of driving, the less likely it is to drive; and many people actually do not develop a good habit of driving, a person will not drive, do not look at the driving age, from some small details of driving It can be clearly seen in the middle, basically it can be 100% guessed.

The first small detail is to see if the seat adjustment is too far forward. If it is, it is obviously a novice driver. Because the experienced old driver usually wants to ensure that the airbag can be fully popped up, the seat is adjusted.

The second small detail is to see that the start is unstable. In general, experienced drivers, even if driving a manual car, can guarantee a smooth start. Those who do not have good driving skills at this time can open the manual gear. Once the throttle and clutch are not matched, there will be agitation. At this time, the engine will be destroyed. If the timing of the shift is not sure, the vehicle will be good. The start will also be very unstable.

The third small detail is to see if the steering is lighting. Xiaobian found that there are a lot of drivers, not too lazy to turn the turn signal or forget to turn the turn signal, this is a very dangerous behavior. Because the turn signal is very important for the normal driving of other vehicles and to protect their own safety. Do not remember to turn the turn signal, or it will cause the speed of the vehicle behind it to be too fast and an accident occurs.

The fourth small detail is to see the grasp of the surrounding situation. In general, the old drivers are able to take care of all the circumstances around, and often look around to avoid danger. The most important thing is to look at the rearview mirror and don't just stare at it.

Many people just got a driver's license, which only means they can drive on the road, but they don't drive. Every novice driver has a lot of room to grow.